Delicious. Local. Fresh.

The right choice, the right taste

There are several reasons why Pure Harvest should be your preferred choice.
Here are six we think you should know:

Exceptional Taste
Careful selection of seeds, plenty of sunlight, the right temperature and humidity make our produce Taste Like They Should™
Locally Grown
Our produce is typically grown less than 100 kms from where you live, so it always tastes better, stays fresher and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
Naturally Protected
Our plants are protected by beneficial insects and not by pesticides. This helps keep our produce pesticide-residue free and safe from harmful insects.
Sustainably Farmed
Using fewer resources, we reach efficiency levels that are 30 times better than traditional field farming and 7 times more than desert greenhouses.
Unrivalled Variety
We have over 20 varieties of tomatoes, leafy greens and berries of all shapes, sizes and tastes - and available all year round too.
Attractively Priced
Tasty, fresh and top-quality produce, available at lower prices than imported varieties – that’s value-for-money!

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Our Awards

March 2023

Product of the Year Award - Fresh Produce Category

October 2022

MENA's Most Funded Startup 2022

September 2022

LinkedIn Top 10 Startups in the UAE, 2022 and Fast Company Sustainability Award


June 2022

‘Ground-Breaking Deal of the Year’ award at the Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East Awards

December 2019

‘Smart Agriculture Technology Innovation’ Award by Frost & Sullivan

October 2019

'Best GCC and MENA Start-up' Award

September 2019

Start-Up Business of the Year at the Gulf Capital SME Awards

February 2019

‘Time Out’ Dubai Restaurant Awards

September 2018

‘SME of the Year’ by Gulf Business