Exceptionally tasty,
no exceptions

The journey from a carefully selected seed is filled with love and sunshine, and of course, precisely controlled temperature and humidity. Small wonder the result is great tasting fruits and veggies.


Grown here,
not flown here

When the produce is grown less than 100 km from where it’s going to be eaten, freshness and taste will be on a high, and carbon footprints, way, way low.


Distance makes the difference

Lesser waste and fewer emissions are possible by shortening the distribution chain, which happens by buying locally.
Something else happens too – investment in the community!

Discover freshness

We grow tasty
and crunchy greens

We grow over 30 varieties
of tasty tomatoes

We grow sweet
and juicy berries

The right choice, the right taste
  1. Exceptional Taste
  2. Locally Grown
  3. Naturally Protected
  4. Sustainably Farmed
  5. Unrivalled Variety
  6. Attractively Priced

We grow,
you grow

If you care for nature's best and top-quality produce, you could be the person we're looking for. Let's grow together.

Hayajonni yaxshi ko'rasizmi? Unda mostbet uz siz uchun.
Win a lot and quickly? Anything is possible at Betandreas.
Make well, eat swell
By Chef Marwa
By Chef Marwa
By Chef Marwa